Problem #1: PROTEIN

We’ve been over-fishing the oceans for decades and using huge quantities of those fish to feed livestock.
But we are running out of fish in the sea.


40% of the food we grow gets thrown away, much of it at the retail level. That’s a lot of nutrients that are being wasted.

Solution: Insects

We carefully select surplus, nutrient-dense foods from grocery stores, beverage and food manufacturers and feed them to a special, non-pest insect called the Black Soldier Fly.

We breed and rear our Black Soldier Flies using proprietary methods to maximize their essential nutrients and healthy fats.

Then we capture this goodness to make a natural feed product for poultry, fish and swine.

Our process is carbon positive because the Black Soldier Fly larvae are fed on a special food-grade diet sourced entirely from otherwise unused high quality food.

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Focus – Black Soldier Flies

We breed, farm and process Black Soldier flies in a unique way to create a superfood for livestock.

Healthier animals – Healthier people – Healthier oceans