Oreka Solutions was founded in 2014 by an international team of entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers. We developed our proprietary process in the lab, understanding and harnessing the remarkable qualities of the insect, before beginning to scale up our production in early 2017.

Leadership team

Jon Duschinsky – is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, author and behavior change expert. He has worked with Fortune 50 firms, shared stages with global leaders and helped create solutions that have changed the game on issues as diverse as ALS and childhood obesity.

Robert Walberg -pioneered the sector of healthy oils (flax, coconut and hemp) and acquired a deep knowledge of how to manage and preserve micronutrients and create radical new products and industrial processes.

Shahram Heidari – has built a career out of building things: infrastructures, industrial among others. He has been involved in engineering and project development for the past three decades.

Tony Iantorno – is a product of the GE school of financial management. His credentials include being the first CFO of NBC Interactive and leading the sale of Rx Canada as CEO.

Ed Marchant – is an entomologist who has made the Black Soldier Fly his career focus and who is leading Oreka’s R&D platform.

Support Staff

Bridget White

Bridget White – her career in entomology and sustainable farming has focused on Black Soldier Fly and today she applies her broad scientific knowledge of the insect to ensure the quality and productivity of Oreka’s production process.

Jonathan Thackray

Jonathan Thackray – is an expert in sustainable composting systems and leads development on Oreka’s high value Re-earth+ and Aqua+ products.


John Matthesen: has led several companies from zero to IPO and now teaches at the University of Berkeley.

Richard Ramirez: has been advising billionaire entrepreneurs and pioneering innovative and complex projects for over 25 years.

Jerry Bartelse: founder of Grober Group and one of Canada’s most successful agricultural entrepreneurs.